I’m Chicken! It’s an old nickname that stuck around. I tweet at @superchickendx.


Right now I’m a PhD Student in Scotland. My academic background is in comics studies, and my current specialism involves a lot of children's media. This blog is a space for me to have fun with textual analysis of subjects that I can’t cover in my academic studies, and to be able to express more personal responses to texts than academia expects. I’m particularly interested in queer reading of texts, from my perspective as a bisexual woman.


At the moment, I’m really into tokusatsu! I’ve been hovering around manga and anime for most of my life, but I got into toku in summer 2017, near the end of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid airing. Some of my life choices since have included watching the whole main Gaim tv series at 1.5x speed in a single day, and watching Decade backwards to catch a girl’s attention. (That worked, somehow.)



Max (@brotome on twitter) did the inking and lettering for the logo and artwork on the home page. Thanks Max!
Portfolio: http://brotome.weebly.com/ (contains NSFW-ish)



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II can be contacted via my twitter, @superchickendx.


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